About Us

The two buildings that now house Gangster’s Ristorante have seen many owners and businesses since its early 1900's beginnings. What was once a casket and furniture store, is now one of the areas finest restaurant and fun spots.


     The prohibition and gangster era has intrigued generations of Americans,... names like Bonnie & Clyde, Al Capone, and Baby Face Nelson are familiar to almost everyone. Many of the later year gangsters came from Italian descent and were commonly labeled "The Mafia".  Please feel free to walk around and enjoy our authentic memorabilia once owned, worn, or stolen by true gangsters.  Treat yourself to an excellent meal, great music, free billiards, and more...


     Gangster's is owned by Manager Mike Staley and Kitchen Adviser Cathy Della Flora Staley. Cathy was born into an Italian family. Her grandfather (who basically never learned to speak English) came over from the old country on a boat that also brought Godfather Carlo Gambino to America. Cathy's father was the proverbial Italian cement specialist with his own crew ,..... all of the men in her immediate family are gone now, but the Italian recipes live on. Our meals are home made from those secret recipes, and are not the pre-packaged product that many upscale restaurants use.

............because your order is home made, you may need to wait a few extra minutes while your meal is properly prepared to our satisfaction..............  fuhgeddaboutit!!!!!


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